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Milo Mission Academy

Global STEM Workforce Development


The Milo Space Science Institute led by Arizona State University (ASU) makes space science and exploration accessible to countries around the world that want to increase their knowledge, infrastructure, and human capital and participate more deeply in the growing global space economy.


Milo provides workforce development, provides access to mission infrastructure as a service, and offers participation in space exploration missions. Milo’s capacity building programs are designed to increase participation in space science, encourage space commerce, promote sustainable growth, and improve the socio-economic health of the communities in which we serve.


The Milo Space Science Institute is a private, nonprofit organization led by Arizona State University (ASU).


Milo supports international space agencies, university space programs, and companies who desire to participate in space science and exploration. Our success is measured by the transformational impact our programs have on space ecosystems around the world, particularly for non-traditional participants and emerging space communities.

Milo Space Science program offerings include:

Workforce Development

Mission Academies  for Students and Early Career Professionals(12 - 15 weeks)

Space Leadership Workshops for Professionals (8 weeks)

Space Ecosystem Development

Space Commerce (entrepreneurship, access to funding, how to engage with government, 12 - 15 weeks)

Space Works Challenge (prototyping, capability demonstration, 12 - 15 weeks)

Space Exploration Missions

Luna Ride

Space Stations

Apophis Pathfinder


"For those of you that are interested or still undecided about pursuing a field related to space, I definitely recommend you to apply to this program! I had a great experience meeting such a wonderful team, and collaborating with them regarding our research. As a planetary geologist and mechanical engineer role, I enjoyed conducting research and proposing ideas on how we can collect samples on another planet. Overall, it was such a great experience working with my team and learning new skills from both the webinars and the skill badge trainings."

Jennifer Montero

Florida International University

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