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Image by Nicolas Thomas

Session 3

Mission Destination and Space Environment


April 4, 2024


9:00am AWST

Dr. Jim Rice

Dr. James (Jim) Rice is an Astrogeologist and an assistant research scientist in the School of Earth and Spaces Exploration at Arizona State University and is a member of ASU's Space Technology and Science Initiative. He has more than 30 years research experience specializing in the exploration of the Solar System, especially the Moon and Mars. Rice was a co-investigator and Geology Team Leader on the NASA Mars Exploration Rover Project (Spirit and Opportunity). He was a project scientist on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Project and has mission experience working on the THEMIS instrument onboard the Mars Odyssey Orbiter. Rice has been involved in Mars landing site selection and certification activities for every NASA Mars Mission since Mars Pathfinder in 1995. Additionally, Rice has extensive geological field experience in Antarctica, the High Arctic, Iceland, Hawaii, and various other deserts studying a wide variety of Mars and Moon analog environments.

Session Recording

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